AM Political Forum

Special Campaign for Journalists for the General Elections of 2024

An excellent opportunity awaits for all political parties and leaders, workers, candidates to actively participate in the upcoming general elections of 2024 for promoting and localizing Sustainable Development Goals. "Apratim Mahavkta – Public Talent Reality Show Series – Towards Sustainable Development Goals," is being organized to foster public engagement by ‘Apratim Media Foundation’.

Numerous programs are being organized through Apratim Media as part of the election campaigns, aimed at amplifying the voices of various elements of democracy. These programs serve the purpose of raising awareness for sustainable development goals, and members of the AM POLITICAL FORUM will have the opportunity to engage with vision and objectives. 

The political arena plays a crucial role in all developmental processes. Various organizations are formed by each political party to address different components of development. These organizations include groups for women, youth, educators, various communities, employees, farmers, and many others. All such organizations and their members will have the chance to become members of the AM POLITICAL FORUM. 

Apratim Media will provide training sessions emphasizing the localization of sustainable development goals and their significance in your field of work. Following this, various programs will be organized where members affiliated with the political parties, leaders, and organizations involved will conduct diverse activities. These activities will adhere to the structured guidelines prepared by Apratim Media. 

It has been experienced that politics often influences decisions concerning social and inclusive development. To ensure unbiased participation and acknowledgment of work done towards social and inclusive development, the formation of the AM POLITICAL FORUM has been proposed. It is expected that members will prioritize the significance of sustainable development goals while participating in these journalistic programs. 

If you wish to participate, please click on the following link to register. Individual activists, leaders, and officials can register, and members of various political parties can also join. Every member of the AM POLITICAL FORUM will be provided with a membership certificate and a badge.

AM Political Club

सदस्यत्व शुल्क – पक्ष मुख्य कार्यालय रू.२१,०००/-
(Party Head Office Rs.21,000/-)

नेता वा उमेदवार रू.11,०००/- (Leader or
Candidate Rs.11,000/-)


कृपया आपले सदस्यत्व शुल्क खालील बँक खात्यावर जमा करावे, ही विनंती.



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