Participation of Social Organizations in the General Elections 2024 Campaign 

With the upcoming general elections in 2024, there is a special initiative underway to engage journalists in various campaigns. Social organizations, NGOs, local governance bodies, and citizen, youth, and women’s groups are being encouraged to participate actively. 

As part of the election campaigns, numerous programs have been organized with the support of ‘Apratim Media Foundation’ to amplify the voices of all elements. These programs aim to raise awareness for sustainable development goals, and social organizations participating in the AM GO-NGO Forum will have the opportunity to engage. 

From poverty alleviation at the village, taluka, and district levels to employment generation and addressing global issues, various topics are being discussed openly in every constituency. Public discourse, also known as “Apratim Mahavkta – Public Talent Reality Show Series – Towards Sustainable Development Goals,” is being organized to foster public engagement. 

In order to address specific issues related to education, healthcare, agriculture, youth, women, and others according to the objectives of the respective organizations, exceptional media will provide opportunities for various programs, competitions, social research, and other initiatives. Interested organizations are required to become members of the AM GO-NGO Forum for this purpose. 

The active involvement of state government, local governance bodies, district and taluka administrations, along with non-governmental organizations, is crucial in localizing sustainable development goals. Special recognition in the form of the “Apratim Gaurav” award is given to social organizations for their outstanding work. 

Several social organizations in Maharashtra have been honored with the “Apratim Gaurav” at the First Sustainable Development Goals Conference event held in Mumbai on November 30, 2023. This award ceremony will continue at the departmental, district, and taluka levels in the future. 

Through the concept of “Apratim Mahavkta” and the programs organized by them, government departments, local governance bodies, district and taluka administrations, and non-governmental organizations can actively participate. 

Efforts made by organizations towards poverty alleviation to global participation align with the goals of the government, and financial support can be obtained through government schemes. Moreover, active public participation is encouraged in planning public-interest programs by the local administration, and these programs receive greater support. 

Government departments, local administrations, and non-governmental organizations will witness increased productivity and social contribution, leading to significant advancements. These efforts will be facilitated through various programs and activities organized by this forum.

 Government and non-governmental organizations, as well as social organizations, will be provided with certificates to validate their participation. Organizations are requested to register here. 



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