'Apratim Mahavkta - The Public Talent Reality Show Series 2032

The event ‘Apratim Mahavakta -The Public Talent Reality Show Series 2032’ is aimed at global objectives, namely keeping the Sustainable Development Goals in focus.

It is extremely crucial for the process of development to take place while keeping these goals in mind, and for this, the localization of these goals & objectives is of utmost importance.

Hence, the unstoppable event series of 10 years,  ‘Apratim Mahavakta – Public Talent Reality Show Series – 2032 in the direction of the Global Goals and its Localization is organized by the Apratim Media.  Apratim Media is known for providing strength to developmental journalism through effective programs. And promoting Local Reporters of print, electronic and new media at a time.  

This mega event series, not only to be broadcasted through rural and urban news mediums, but also to be coordinated by reporters at their levels everywhere.

Whether it’s a small or large city, a suburb, or a capital city, issues of local significance and comprehensive development issues are discussed at both governmental and non-governmental levels. Although statistical data related to planning accounts are published, there is no accurate & appropriate visible program to actively increase active public participation. The concept of ‘Apratim Mahavakta’ is a resolution to bring all components together and implement the development process through innovative means that the common man can easily understand.

As a coordinator, the journalist will take a leading role at various locations. Therefore, the formulation of specific programs for object-oriented content creation and pressure on local bodies and representatives for transparency, quality, and productivity are the key actions for which Apratim Mahavakta has been conceptualized.

According to this concept, 6 revenue divisions, 36 districts, and more than 358 talukas, will initiate programs for the awareness of the eternal development goals in the early stages at all these locations.

The event commenced on January 6, 2023, during the Marathi Journalists Day in Mumbai. In this context, Chief Minister Shri Eknath Shinde unveiled the logo of Apratim Mahavakta. Subsequently, on November 30, 2023, the first Maharashtra Sustainable Development Goal Council was held in Mumbai.