AM Expert Forum

From primary school teachers to experts at the state, national, and international levels in economics, environment, and social sciences, Maharashtra boasts a wealth of human resources. The “Apratim Mahavkta – Public Talent Reality Show Series 2032 – Towards Sustainable Development Goals” program, managed by journalists over a span of 10 years, requires the participation of these intellectuals not only as mentors but also as judges/research guides/authors for various competitions and content creation.

Recognizing this need, the establishment of the “AM Expert Forum” is underway. Participation is expected from local to state-level members of the media for this exceptional endeavor. The ‘Apratim Media’ will organize a variety of programs through multi-dimensional broadcasting platforms, with the involvement of these forums contributing to their success. Journalists from all mediums are invited to contribute to the localization of sustainable development goals by providing intellectual support. Those interested can register as members of the “AM Expert Forum.” Please proceed to register for further details.