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The contribution of the corporate sector to sustainable development is invaluable. Participating in the diverse basic issues non-governmental organizations, along with the government’s welfare schemes, is essential to address and stimulate economic development in various sectors. Corporate is supporting to social & government efforts in regards of inclusive & sustainable development process to some extent. Accordingly, corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds are utilized for economic support in the fields of education, healthcare, sanitation, environmental conservation, water, national emergencies, and various other causes. 

The upcoming program “Apratim Mahavkta – Public Talent Reality Show Series 2032′ will run for the next 10 years, focusing on the direction of ‘Sustainable Development Goals.’ Coordinated by print, electronic, and new media journalists, the initiative has been registered on the portal of the Apratim Media Foundation, having received certification from the Niti Aayog for SDG Journalism.

Collaboration has begun with state governments, social organizations, journalist associations, and civic groups to launch the program series of Apratim Media Foundation. As part of this, awareness and public dialogue programs have been organized throughout Maharashtra to gather all components for the establishment of a collective effort for localization of SDG’s. 

Encouraging corporate companies to contribute their CSR funds to this initiative is crucial for the localization of global goals. Companies, through CSR, have already allocated funds to organizations involved in sustainable and social activities. The ‘Apratim Mahavkta – Public Talent Reality Show Series 2032 – Towards Sustainable Development Goals’ is a significant step towards this, and it should be acknowledged as such. 

The participation of the corporate world in economic collaboration is vital. Those interested in aligning their business growth plans with their social responsibilities can also benefit significantly from this initiative. It offers opportunities for branding, image-building, product promotion, and other business-oriented perspectives. The program’s reach extends from rural areas, grass route to metropolitan cities, making it easily accessible through various events and initiatives. Corporate companies sponsoring the ‘Apratim Media – Public Talent Reality Show Series 2032 – Towards Sustainable Development Goals’ will not only achieve a significant Return on Investment (ROI) but also contribute to Social Return on Investment (SRI). Independent sponsorship opportunities are also available. (Please click this link for more details of sponsorship opportunities) 

All interested corporate companies are encouraged to become members of the ‘AM Corporate Forum’ established by Apratim Media. For registration, please follow the link provided.

AM Corporate Forum Form

सदस्यत्व शुल्क : Rs. 11,000/-


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