Apratim Mahavkta

Apratim Media has organized the state-level event in form of a Reality Show for understanding the mindset of citizens i.e. Maharashtracha Apratim Mahavkta in 2010-2011.

There were so many changes that took place in various sectors, like politics, environment, social, education, culture, trade & industry, economy, print & electronic media, etc. from the establishment of Maharashtra state in 1960. During the 50 years till 2010 whatever affairs had been raised it was high time to discuss those affairs seriously in the interest of the entire development of the state in the globalized scenario. Apratim Media formed a public platform i.e. Maharashtracha Apratim Mahavakta on the occasion of Golden Jubilee Year.

Apratim Media offered a dais to the common man to raise their voices through a mega elocution competition- Maharashtracha Apratim Mahavakta. An interesting component of this event was that it invited and made an appeal to participants even from the remotest part of Maharashtra and all the districts of Maharashtra to place their views. The selection of the participants was done through auditions in 5 cities covering the entire state. The auditions were held at Aurangabad (Marathwada Region), Nagpur (Vidarbha Region), Nashik (North Maharashtra), Mumbai (Mumbai, Konkan), Pune (Western Maharashtra).

This competition was open to all citizens above 18 years old and there was no restriction regarding education & profession. Apratim Mahavkta Project got tremendous response in all auditions. The Selection of the competitors was done systematically throughout the competition.

The company is currently engaged in launching ‘Apratim Mahavkta- A Public Talent Reality Show Series’, from the year 2022-2032. The concept of Apratim Mahavkta is registered with the Government of India. Apratim Mahavkta Is an Unstoppable Event Series in rural as well as urban areas.